Friday, 24 November 2006


Should have guessed that this state of doing nothingness would not last too long. A few of the single brigade discovered me early this morning and I'm now in the process of being verbally pushed and prodded out of bed - beer and kebabs they say! get off your frigging butt and over to the beach they say! Maybe I'll loll around take a dip pool instead. Looks inviting. Someone stepped on a stingray sometime back.

Thursday, 23 November 2006

what the heck!

Damn! The house is empty. All this BS about fun while you're temporarily single seems to be more hype than substance...or maybe I'm not the partying type .... anymore ;-)

I'd rather it be workaholism than alcoholism - and this town has options galore. Temptations? of course! That's part of the theme on this blog in the first place although I realised this only as the type flew by.

All along I have been moaning about the lack of time and now here it is at my feet and what do I do about it? Nothing!